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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day – 10 Celebration Ideas

How to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother’s day is an essential day of the year. Therefore, there must be a great celebration for mothers because she is the only reason for our existence in this world. Our mothers should be respected and loved by us after all she has sacrificed her life for us. There are several methods to celebrate mother’s day but it really depends on you that how you serve her. Celebrating mother’s day in 2020 is a little bit tough because we are in quarantine and can’t go outside of the house therefore, this year mother’s day is on May 10, 2020. But yet you can celebrate it with your family with the tips I tell you to do.

Mother’s day is very special because she is the one who gave birth to us and tolerated the pain just for us. This is celebrated by people of different countries. You have to celebrate this day too to make your mother feel special and make others realize how difficult it is to be a mother. The best way of treating your mother is not only celebrating this day in fact, but you must also make every day Mother’s day for her. It doesn’t matter whether you give her a gift or hug her but the main thing is that you should always respect and love her.

Never hurt her feelings that is the worst thing you can do with your mother. Just do what she says and that’s it for her and that day will be Mother’s day for her. The day you start loving her will be a special day for her. Therefore, we have brought you some tips and tricks so that you should be able to celebrate Mother’s day with your family in this quarantine. Here are some great tips that by following them you can have a grand celebration for your mother. Let’s have a quick glance at some of them as follow:

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

1. Give Her a Fresh Flower

Matters, not whether you give her a wildflower or a sunflower but at least you can make her feel special on this day. A flower, which is brought with love, is more than a Lamborghini car for a mother because her love never gets less for her children. Giving a flower shows the love bound between two creatures, therefore, the love between children and mother is something out of our thoughts. Just buy a fresh flower and then make a beautiful tie for it and then present it to your mother. In this quarantine, the simplest way that you can celebrate Mother’s day is by giving her a flower. Flowers show the love for the most beautiful creature of the world and presenting it to your mom can make her feel special.

2. Give Her a Day off

Let her rest for a whole day and take her responsibilities on herself. Do her duties with full responsibility because she loves doing everything perfectly. And if you will take her responsibilities for a day, then she will be very happy and that will be a celebration for her. Tell her to enjoy, set back, and relax for a day and then tell her to go outside. Tell her to go for dinner with her friends or your dad after a long time because maybe before she didn’t have time for that and had a very busy schedule. Let her rest and do all the house chores yourself to make her rest. 

3. Spend a Day With Her

Mother’s day is a special day for your mom. Do what she always wished for and couldn’t do. One of the mother’s wishes is to spend time with her family members, especially with her children. Therefore, spend time with her and make her happy by saying lame jokes and doing some other activities together. In this quarantine, the only thing you can do with your mother is to cook together, watch a movie, play games and watch your family album videos. You can watch comedy movies with your mother or play music and can dance with her. Spending a day with family members is the only wish of the mothers. They always want to see her family together and happy. 

4. Cook Something Delicious

Start her day with enjoyment and fun. Offer her some delicious food or even breakfast from the very start of the day. Furthermore, you can bake a special cake at home and can surprise her with your handmade cake. You can ask her to rest and can ask her what she wants to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole day. Never let her do anything. Just cook however, it is but try to make it a little better for her only for her. Cook her favorite dish but don’t let her do it herself. Make it yourself but try to satisfy your mom with your handmade food. 

5. Give Her Jewelry as a Gift

Give her something which should make her remember you even if you are with her forever or not. The best gift is giving her a jewelry set so that whenever she wears that it reminds of you. Jewelry is a thing which is loved by all the mothers therefore, buy her the one that she likes and suits her. 

6. Make a Vidoe Call

If you are out of the town or county, then try to have time for video calling to your mom for a day. And celebrate the special day with her. Have a long conversation on the phone and make her laugh loud by making some lame and mom jokes. Spend time with your mom even if you are far from her but remember that nothing is more special than your time for her. By video chatting, you can see her clearly so try to show her that you are also very happy for her and wish the best for her. 

7. Throw a Surprise Party

Celebrate her day with full joy and happiness. You can take a surprise party for her in this quarantine. Don’t even let her even get a hint from your surprise party. Act as if there is nothing special but in actual love her. Prepare for the surprise party with your dad and siblings because alone you will not be able to manage and arrange the party. Cook her favorite dishes and make her a huge cake. By celebrating a surprise party she will always remember that and feel very special. Plan the surprise party with your siblings and dad for celebrating in a better way. 

8. Make a Homemade Present

Mothers love the creativity of their children therefore, try to make some DIY at home by your own hands. The gifts you make are loved by your mom the most because she knows that you must have made it with your heart. You can make some handcrafts for her like bath products and many other things that your mom loves. It really depends on what your mom wants or loves. If you make the gift with your own hands, then your mom will be very happy and will take care of the present. 

9. Go Outing For the Celebration

In this quarantine, you can’t even go outside therefore, you have to celebrate it at home but you can celebrate it in your garden or a park near your home. Cook the food that your mom loves the most and then take them all to your garden with your family members. And then celebrate it with your beloved ones. 

10. Make her a Card

Make your own card for mother’s day and send it to your family members. Wondering what to write on the card? Never hesitate just write a story of your mother and yours. Then write some greetings for her. Try to mention some happy moments of yours with your mother or your funny stories on the card. Make the card to show others that you care for your mother a lot.As I told before that Mother’s day is an international day for the people therefore, everyone tries to celebrate this day with full fun. They try to spend time with her, give her gifts, cook for her, let her rest, and many other things that people do for their mothers on this special day to make her feel special. Do you agree with the tips I mentioned? Can we celebrate Mother’s day this year like every other year?  Do you have any other tips for celebrating this special day? What else have I missed to mention in the article? Please share your feedback in the comments section below. And best of luck for the upcoming Mother’s day. Hope you celebrate it with your family. Stay home and be safe because of this pandemic.

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