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Top 10 Ranking Global Problems

Indeed, everybody has a problem and worries about it. But have we ever thought about the problems that human being faced in the last few centuries? Have we noted the issues our world faces today? Have you ever asked people around you “what do you think is the biggest problem in the world today? Actually, the problems we are facing today, perhaps, harm us and can be serious then our personal issues. Therefore, in order to make our earth a better place for living things, we need to identify and understand the global problems, then find a solution for them. We think the top 10 ranking global problems mentioned in the article below our world is facing today. What do you think? Discuss with a partner or group regarding the following:

Top 10 Ranking Global Problems
Top 10 Ranking Global Problems

Top 10 Ranking Global Problems

Top 10 issues (in order of priority) as most important:

  1. Trying to solve the problems of crime and drugs.
  2. Trying to find cures for serious diseases.
  3. Taking steps to contain the cost of health care.
  4. Trying to ensure people have jobs and decent wages.
  5. Trying to improve the quality of public school problems.
  6. Taking steps to ensure better leaders in elected positions.
  7. Taking steps to reduce the budget deficit.
  8. Taking steps to reduce Global Warming.
  9. Trying to improve the quality of our environment.
  10. Trying to solve the world’s racial problems.

The top 10 problems to be faced in the next 25 to 50 years.

  1. Spread of crime and violence in all places.
  2. Starvation in many parts of the world.
  3. Congestion of cities and highways.
  4. Divisions between rich and poor in this country.
  5. Overpopulation.
  6. Racism.
  7. Lack of jobs that pay decent wages.
  8. Severe air pollution.
  9. Severe water pollution.
  10. Health problems caused by man-made chemicals.

In this article we pointed out the top 10 global problems. According to you what can be the prominent issue our world is facing today? Feel free to write your own feedback in the comment box below.  

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