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Top 5 English Courses of 2024 – Best English Courses for English Learners

The English language is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is known as “lingua franca” or “a universal language because it is the second most spoken language by people around the globe. Whether you are a student or a traveler, good command of the English language is the key to opening the doors of opportunity to fun and growth. Hence, if you are looking to find some courses that can help you level up your English language game, you have come to the right place. So, check out the article below to find out the Top 5 English Courses of 2024.

Top 5 English Courses of 2024

There is no doubt that learning and mastering a new language can unlock the doors of opportunity. One might get lucky by getting a new job, a fully-funded scholarship, or making new friends. Besides, if it is learning the English language, which is also, of course, the second most widely spoken language in the world, you may get even luckier.

With that being said, we have dug deep to find out the best English courses of 2024 to help you cut down the time-consuming and daunting task of finding a good English language course.

1. Coursers (Improve Your English Communication Skills)

Coursera collaborates with eminent universities to bring a spacious variety of courses to online learners. In this 4-courses specialization, you can improve your communication skills for successful business interactions.

Every module covers a specific aspect of communication, such as writing emails, speaking at interviews, presenting, and networking online. After all, better English will help you achieve your goals and improve your linguistics whether you are communicating with business partners, clients, and employees.

These courses are available in English, but you can use subtitles in 18 different languages including Spanish, French, Hindi, Afrikaans, and Portuguese. They teach learners how to speak English frequently and professionally, online and on the phone, write professional emails and which can help you build a professional portfolio in English.

Coursera offers some best online courses for those who wish to develop their English skills professionally for career or business purposes.

2. SkillShare (English Grammar Pro: Beginner to Advanced)

In English grammar pro, tutor Kallan, who also teaches “For You English” will assist you to get coherent in English. To make grammar easy, Kallan concentrates on pronunciation with a goal to get you to the end of grammar to build up your confidence when speaking.

His popular English courses cover business English, American slang, idioms, and phrasal verbs. He presents class in 18 sections and almost after every lecture there is homework. You get a total of more than 10 hours of lessons on this course.

Among the reviews, a recently trained TEFL, TOFEL, or the ESOL teacher expresses gratefulness to Kallan for assisting him to explain English better to his students. The reviews are enormously useful for this class, and it is certainly one of the best online courses on skillshare.

3. Udemy (The Complete English Language Course)

This English course provides an encyclopedic review of the English language and grammar. TJ Walker and Derek Smith, two world-renowned communications trainers, are your tutors on this course. Mr. Smith is a British teacher and possesses 30 years of experience, while Mr. Walker has lived and worked in the US his whole life.

With two of them, learners have a prospect to get the basis of both dialects under their belts. With the help of 27 hours of video lessons and supporting materials, your tutor promises to help you to improve your comprehension of English.

The goal is to build up the confidence in you to speak and write English more fluently. You should bring a “basic listening and reading ability in English” to successfully complete this course. This is one of the best online English courses to bring you to an intermediate level.

4. RocketLanguages

Rocket English depends on emulating the method of immersion to improve your pronunciation, as they teach you 3200 words or phrases. To certify you are locking all in it, their cutting-edge speech tribute allows you to virtually refine your pronunciation.

Their webpage also helps the learners to understand “English Culture”. That said, it is not clear if 32 culture lessons cover, “Aspects of everyday life, important people, and important moments in history” in England, the US, other major English-speaking cultures, or a mixture of these.

They seem to combine “native English speakers” all into one culture in this aspect. You can start their online English course to improve from beginner to advanced level.

5. British Council Online Courses

The British council suggests students an option of self-studying English courses, live online courses, or head-to-head instructors. So, you start by taking a test to see what level you are at. Then, you see the outcomes to select one of their premium English courses.

Besides, they recently built a digital certificate into their LearnEnglish for the workplace course. Thus, you can observe this class inside the LearnEnglish self-access subscription opportunity. In the online class prospect, you can learn English live, interactive sessions.

In addition, the British Council utilizes a global network of qualified British council tutors and offers English courses 24 hours a day in small group sessions. If you want, you can also choose head to head tutor option instead. Then, you can schedule online private lessons with a tutor you prefer to focus on the topics that matter to you the most.

When you will finish the course, you will get a certificate from the British council. Besides, you can also practice your English for free with their wide range of learning tools. They have different activities to enrich your language skills.

So, this is for the top 5 English courses of 2024. If you have any other suggestions, you can let us know down below in the comment section.

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