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Topics for Group Discussion or Debate

One way to improve fluency is to deliver speeches on various topic in English. Select a topic and start speaking about the topic in English.  Another way to improve your fluency is to participate in discussion with your classmates and friends in class. Below is a list of topics for Group discussion or debate,choose what you like to talk about. 

Topics for Group Discussion or Debate
Topics for Group Discussion or Debate

Topics for Group Discussion or Debate

  1. Monogamy vs. Polygamy
  2. News or Movies
  3. What is freedom of speech?
  4. Can perfection be perfected?
  5. Is it better to be honest and poor or dishonest and rich?
  6. Intelligence or Beauty
  7. Which is better, texting or talking?
  8. Is it better to have a few close friends or many acquaintances?
  9. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  10. Should the death penalty be abolished in all countries?
  11. Does violence on T.V. and video games affect the way children behave?
  12. Technology: Pros and Cons
  13. Which season is better, winter or summer?
  14. Which is better for USA, private companies or agricultural businesses?
  15. Which is better, life in country or life in city?
  16. Shopping in supermarket vs. local market.
  17. Movies or books?
  18. Education in private universities or governmental universities?
  19. What if all humans spoke one language instead of many languages? How would it affect us?
  20. Which one is better, cooking at home or going out?
  21. Knowledge vs. Money
  22. Which one is more effective, advertisements on T.V. channels or newspapers?
  23. Which is more important, philosophy or science?
  24. Which career is more beneficial, Doctor or Engineer?
  25. Does USA import the most or export the most?
  26. Are women who live in the city more comfortable than women who live in the rural areas?
  27. What’s the best way to find a job in Washington, T.V. ad or newspaper ad?
  28. Co-ed vs. single sex school.
  29. Which sport is better, football or cricket?
  30. What should be done about the beggars in the streets of Texas?
  31. Which brand of phone is better, IPhone or Samsung?
  32. Which radio station is better, VOA or BBC?
  33. Fruit vs. Vegetables
  34. Which country has better products, China or India?
  35. Which is better, monarchy or presidency?
  36. Which is better, natural medicine or pharmaceutical medicine?
  37. What is the best thing to do on vacation, stay home and relax or travel someplace beautiful?
  38. Is it better to travel by train or airplane?
  39. You have a rich family, which is better, they help and support you or would you prefer to make your own way?
  40. Which is better, a game show, a soap opera, a documentary or a sit-com?
  41. Which is a more dangerous job, a pilot or an astronaut?
  42. Which one causes more problems for people in Washington, traffic or snow?
  43. What should be done to decrease the traffic in Washington city?
  44. Which do you prefer, a newspaper, a magazine or a blog and why?
  45. Which leader (president/king) was the best for USA and why?
  46. Which one is better, a job with a private company or a governmental company?
  47. Should Afghanistan continue using traditional agricultural methods or modern mechanized methods?
  48. Which is better, actors or singers?
  49. Which is better, Dell laptops or HP laptops?
  50. Which one is better for study and research, internet or books?
  51. What kind of disaster scares you the most and why?
  52. Which one is better for staying warm in the winter time, gas heater or wood burning stove?
  53. Is space travel is a complete waste of money?
  54. Is the Internet making face-to-face communication obsolete?
  55. Computers are very important in education.
  56. Success in life means money.
  57. Doing a job that you like is more important than earning more money.
  58. Being a team worker is more important than being a brilliantly creative person.
  59. Living alone can be an advantageous and good situation.
  60. Light drugs should be treated more tolerantly.
  61. Guns~ pros and cons
  62. Big family vs. an only child.
  63. Stricter traffic laws could prevent serious accidents.
  64. Vicious and dangerous sports should be banned.
  65. Tourism doesn’t contribute at all to the understanding between nations.
  66. Living in a large, modern city- only a madman would choose it.
  67. No one wants to live to be a hundred.
  68. Equality of opportunities in a society- only a dream.
  69. The most important of all human qualities is a sense of humor.
  70. Should the seat belt law be enforced in Pakistan?

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