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10 Best Extracurricular Activities For School or College Students in 2022

10 Best Extracurricular Activities For School or College
10 Best Extracurricular Activities For School or College

As a student, how would you like to spend your time at school apart from studying? Probably, you would like to be looking forward to some entertaining and instructive extracurricular activities for school or college. If so, there are hundreds of them. But, of course, you should be performing the ones which may help you shape your personality and build the required skills.

What is an Extracurricular Activity?

Before we move on the list of empowering extracurricular activities, we shall learn what is an extracurricular activity

An extracurricular activity is such an activity which falls outside the realm of an ordinary school curriculum, according to Wikipedia. Such activities help students in various ways such as building passion, talent, skills, etc.

Empowering Extracurricular Activities for School or College

Thus, the extracurricular activities are pretty useful and worth your and your students’ time and effort. So, brainstorm some extracurricular activity ideas, see which ones most fit your students’ or your fellows’ interest and implement them.

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1. Writing Activity

“A word after a word after a word is Power.”

~Margaret Atwood

Writing down your thoughts can be extremely powerful and motivating. So, why not to arrange a writing activity for your students. Away from technology, help them discover their inner strength, peace, and inspiration. Not only they will learn to sit down, think and create but also the future J.K Rowling or Napoleon Hill’s skills will get to polish themselves.

2. Debate/Speech Activity


One of the most required skills of the cutting edge era is being able to speak out. The debate activity will help your students to be on the top of the current affairs, think critically and most importantly speak out. So, once a week or a month, amaze your students with a topic to speak up.

3. Story Telling Activity

I, personally, can not emphasize enough the importance of storytelling. Storytelling is literally the topmost language which every other man on the face of the earth not only understand and also uses to sell out their personal experiences and products. Because:

“To involve people on the deepest level, you need stories.”


Also, we can not avoid the fact that kids have amazing stories to tell. So, let them explore and claim their creativity.

4. General Knowledge or Quiz

If above all the extracurricular activities for school seem to be boring, you can give a try to general knowledge. Because we can’t deny the fact that the field of general knowledge is as vast as the Arabian ocean. So, even if you think you have enough knowledge about XYZ, there is still a lot to learn.

Therefore, let your students learn and have fun both at the same time by engaging themselves in the vast field of general knowledge.

5. Art Contest/Activity

If general knowledge or essay writing does not interest your students, they might be into arts and creativity. Also, art is an asset when it is about growing into professionals. Thus, your students deserve to have an opportunity to discover their art.

Art activity may include things from painting to dance to singing. Or simply it is an activity that gives potential growth to your students’ talent.

6. Cultural Activity

With all those anti-XYZs, we tend to focus on the negative side of our society and bordering people. This fills the heads of our youth with nothing but hatred and difference. Now is the time to dip them in some love potion from Weasley wizard wheezes or cultural activities.

This way they will not only learn the differences amongst them but also they will learn to love and appreciate those differences.

7. Student Newspaper

Student Newspaper may not be for all of your students, though. But it can be very beneficial for a group of students. Since most college and school require students to write, being able to write and publish your draft is obviously an accomplishment.

8. School magazine

Beside student Newspaper, school magazine is, too, not for all of your whole class students but a group of them. You can ask your students to launch a school magazine where they may feature from best and most disciplined students to current affairs and motivational stuff.

This way they will develop communication skill which will eventually help them later in life.

9. Sport Activity

“The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move.”

~John Wooden 

Sports play a vital role in both our mental and physical fitness. Moreover, it is a great source to showcase and excel in your teamwork and leadership skills. Therefore, students can learn and develop a lot in the future.

10. Chess Contest

Hence, the final extracurricular activities for school or college is chess. Playing chess is a great way to improve your concentration and critical thinking. Students can play, learn, enjoy and improve. So, once a month maybe, you can arrange a chess club or contest for your students’ improvement.

Fun fact: Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa is the youngest 12-year-old chess player.

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