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How to write a Request Email in English With Example

Whether it is a leave that you need from your workplace, any consultation, a recommendation, business advice from someone, or anything that you need, making a formal request can increase the chances of getting what you want. But it can be daunting to write a request email sometimes, especially when you do not know how to write a request email in English.

Besides, the main purpose of writing a request email is not sending your message but getting a positive response. For that reason, read the article below to learn how to write a request email in English with an example in the article below.

Why Do You Need to Write a Request Email?

There have been many times that you wanted to ask something from somebody superior to you. So, you may have wondered what could be the best way to not only deliver your message to them but also make sure that you get a positive response from them.

Writing a request email is a courteous and professional way to for something you need or want. With that being said, the next time you need something or you want to get something done, writing a request email can help you make sure that you:

  • Clearly pinpoint the main objective of your communication
  • Express your gratitude and appreciation
  • Record you request
  • Add any supportive documents or links that can increase the chances of getting a positive response

How to Write a Request Email in English

Step 1: Organize Your Request

In order to write a strong and compelling request email, there is no doubt that you need to do some homework first. So, before you start writing a request email, take your time and try to organize your thoughts on how to express your request.

The way you express your request can depend on the type of request you are making. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is understand the nature of your request. For that purpose, you can take a piece of paper and pen and write the benefits of having your request being fulfilled. Then, list down the steps that you need to get your request fulfilled.

Other than that, collect any supportive documents that can help you strengthen your approach.

Step 2: Write a Strong and Approachable Subject Line

Once you have properly organized your thoughts, you can start writing your request email. The next thing that you should do is write a strong and approachable subject line. A subject line that should summarize your email in a single sentence and catch your recipient’s attention in no time.

Besides, you can also choose to write a more friendly tone to encourage your recipient to open your email.

Step 3: Start With a Formal Salutation

Next, choose the best salutation to greet your recipient. Besides, it is important to add a salutation because it helps you to maintain a tone of professionalism in your email. In addition, it can help you establish trust and create a pleasant first impression.

Some of the best salutations that you can use are given below.

  • To whom it may concern
  • Greetings
  • Dear (insert the name of the recipient)
  • Good Morning/ Good Afternoon

Step 4: Express your request

In the first paragraph of your email, there are two things that you need to add. The first couple of sentences should express your admiration of your recipient’s work and your appreciation for considering your request. But if you have no existing relationship with your recipient, you can use the first couple of sentences to introduce yourself to them. So, consider including your name, occupation, and the place you work in.

Then, you can add your request in a clear and courteous way. In the example below, you can see that we have used the first few sentences

Step 5: Sell Your Benefits

In the next section of your email, try to include all the benefits that your recipient may receive if they fulfill your request. It is an essential part of your email because it may help you secure your request. Within two to four sentences, try to evidently showcase all the possible benefits your recipient may get to make it more likely for the recipient to fulfill your request because they are getting some value in return.

Step 6: Make Saying “No” Impossible

The next step is to make sure that your recipient can not say no to your request. For instance, in the following example, we have requested paid work initially. Then, we have also mentioned that we would also be glad if they just give an opportunity to network and some advice.

Moreover, you can also include some additional documents featuring your work to make sure they do not get any excuses.

Step 7: Conclude with a call to action

Lastly, conclude your request email with a clear call to action. It is a step you want your email recipient to take after they have read your email. The type of call to action may vary depending on the nature of your request email. Besides, you can also add your contact information at the end of your email including your name, occupation, organization, phone number, and an alternative email address. Because adding your contact information can help interested ones contact you back easily.

Then, close your email with a polite tone using one of the following.

  • Sincerely
  • Thank you
  • All the best
  • Best Regards
  • Warmly

Request Email Sample

Hey XYZ,

I Love your website, especially the articles about health care and personal entrepreneurship. It is because of your articles send you, of course, that I have finally been able to make my living on my own and support my family.

I am a student at XYZ University. In my free time, I help people create websites and help them grow. I have been able to do freelance work even as a full-time student. As a web developer, I do everything from the database to the front end. But I am good at prototyping new ideas and projects in no time.

Since you have been one of my best mentors, I would love to do some development work for you. So, if you like my work and have any projects on the road, I would be glad to know. I am sure that you have a couple of projects in the back of your head that you have not been able to work on yourself. So, I would feel overjoyed if you allow me to help you. But I would be happier to get an answer from you and some advice.

You can give me a call at (you can enter your contact number) or email me back at this email address. Moreover, you can also check some of my work on the given links below.

Thank you!

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