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Most Popular Credit Cards in The USA in 2022

Whether you are planning to travel the world, earn a little extra cash, pay your bills with ease or keep a close eye on your expenses, there is no doubt you need to have a credit card. For that reason, here is our pick of the most popular credit cards in the USA

The Most Popular credit cards in the USA

The list below covers the most popular and best credit cards for a variety of reasons. Thus, you can read through and see all the pros and cons to decide which card you should get.

Citi Double Cash Card

The best thing about the Citi Double Cash Card is that it offers a long-lasting APR and a simple cash back structure. So, you can set it and not have to worry about anything. Citi Double Cash Card offers a solid cashback rate on your purchases. From Citi Double Cash Card, you can earn 2% on every purchase, 1% cashback when you buy, and 1% when you pay for your purchases. But to earn your cashback, you will have to pay the minimum due on time.

Moreover, for the balance transfer, you can get a 0% intro APR for 18 months. Then, depending on the value of your card, you can earn 13.99% to 23.99% APR. Moreover, Citi Double Cash charges $5 or 3% of the amount of the transfer as a balance transfer fee.

Moreover, there is no welcome bonus and according to FICO credit scoring range is 700 to 749.

The Pros

  • You can earn 2% cashback and 1% when you make the purchase.
  • There is no limit on the amount of cashback that you can earn.
  • Citi Double Cash Card charges no annual fee.

The Cons

  • Balance transfer fee
  • No introductory 0% APR on purchases
  • foreign transaction fee

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Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom Flex can handle about all of your credit card needs without any high price tag. It has a $0 annual fee and offers an amazing earning structure that covers just about anything, including drugstore, travel, and much much more.

Moreover, you can earn a $200 bonus when you spend about $500 on your purchases in the first three months of your card. You can earn 5% cashback on $1500 combined purchases, 5% on travel purchases, 3% for restaurants and drugstores, and 1% on other purchases. Furthermore, there is 0% introductory APR for the first 15 months and then 14.99 to 23.74 variable APR.

The Pros

  • No annual fee
  • Offers great rewards rates for various categories
  • Their travel rewards rate are one of the best

The Cons

  • 1% reward rate on groceries
  • To earn 5% cash back, you will need to do the travel booking through the chase.

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The Platinum Card from American Express

The Platinum Card is one of our most favorite in the list of Most Popular credit cards in the USA. It is designed for rich travelers who want to fully live luxurious travel experiences and not have to worry about expenses. With the Platinum Card, you can earn a $75,000 membership reward in your first six months if you spend about $5,000 on your purchases.

The Platinum Card from American Express charges $550 as an annual fee. Moreover, you can get Uber VIP status and enjoy up to $200 on rides in Uber. You can also get 5x points for booking flights directly through American Express Travels and 5x points for booking hotels and much much more.

The Pros

  • The Platinum Card offers the best travel benefits.
  • You can easily earn 5xpoints on travel.

The cons

  • There is no default option for carrying a balance on purchases.
  • The platinum card charges a very high annual fee.

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American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold Card is especially for foodies and travelers. The annual fee of the American Express Gold Card is $250 which may seem a bit more intimidating but by using the card you can get benefits that can easily overcome the amount. You can either choose to have the Gold card or the Rose Gold card as per your desire.

There are a number of reasons why we have included the American Express Gold Card in our Most Popular credit cards in the USA, a few of them are here. You can earn up to $60,000 reward points when you spend about $4,000 on your purchases in the first six months. It also offers 4X membership rewards points on enjoying a meal in restaurants worldwide and also for Uber Eat purchases.

The pros

  • There are chances of earning high rewards.
  • You can share your points with your friends and family (users of American Express Gold Card).
  • Also, you can add up to 5 users and you will be charged no additional fee.
  • You can select either a regular or Rose gold version of the American Express Gold Card.

The Cons

  • There are no lounge benefits.
  • Has only limited options to carry your balance.
  • The American Express Gold Card has a high APR for pay overtime

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U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

The last credit card in our list of Most Popular credit cards in the USA is the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card. It has no annual fee and for a limited time range, you can earn a 0% introductory APR rate for about 20 billing cycles. With U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card, you can choose your schedule of payment which makes it easy for users to pay whenever they want.

Besides, you can also choose your payments to be paid automatically which cuts down the late fees and helps you pay your balance faster than others. Moreover, it also offers the fraud protection feature through which you can detect if your card is being accessed.

Based on FICO credit scoring, the score of The U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card is 700-749.

The pros

  • There is no penalty APR.
  • Offers a very long 0% introductory APR period.

The Cons

  • Has no reward feature.
  • Charges 2% to 3% as foreign transaction fees.
  • Offers no welcome bonus.

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