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The 8 Best Torrent Sites in 2024 – Free Torrent Downloader

What was the most-visited and working site toward the beginning of 2024?. So, if you don’t wanna waste your precious time finding the best torrent site, you are in the best place where we will provide you with the best torrent sites.

Finding a torrent site on Google is more dangerous than you think about it. A Google search will always hide the best torrent websites and display fake ones that contain dodgy links and irritating ads. There are still a few good sites out there, but finding them will take you ages. To help you in this, We have tested more than 50 torrent sites and shortlisted the 8 best torrent sites in 2024. These sites have good rankings, have been online for a long time, and verify most of their torrents for safety and not having irritating ads.

Top 8 Best Torrent Sites in 2024

Below are the best top 8 best torrent sites in 2024. These rankings are based on the number of visitors which are reported by the global site ranking system, Alexa. So, now let’s show the top to most popular torrent sites in 2024. As, mostly many of the torrent sites are full of malware which is attached to the software or movies, etc you want.

So, that’s why we have checked every site for you to make it a safe environment for you. Also, you can find anything you want from these sites without any malware because these sites are Malware free.

1. The Pirate Bay – The Ultimate Torrent King

8 best torrent sites in 2022

So, moving to our first top 8 best torrent site in 2024 is The pirate bay. The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and rated sites in the torrent community. It has a big variety of cracked software, Movies, TV-Shows and much more for free. What I liked most about The Pirate Bay was that the site focused on safety too much. It verifies from every uploader and indicates whether the torrents are trustworthy or not.

I also liked its filtering system, too, where I could specify torrents by file format, quality, and console. This saved me a lot of time when searching for any software or movies you want. So, wanna check it once and enjoy the free torrents file then go and check The Pirate Bay.

2. YTS.mx

YTS is now the new leader in the torrent community. YTS is a movie torrent site, where you can find any type of movie, drama, or anything you want. As for myself, I am using this site for a long time and I love the way it is. It has a user-friendly interface where it’s a good choice to use for yourself.

So, wanna download any movie you want then go and check this site because this site has the most variety of movies. Which is a plus point for this site. So you can check and find anything you want from YTS.

3. 1337X

8 best torrent sites in 2022

1337x is a notable site with about 53 million month-to-month guests and a tremendous choice of great deluges. A large portion of their deluges is motion pictures, TV shows, and music, in spite of the fact that it has a few games too for their audience. It has been around for quite a while and its local area is exceptionally dynamic, implying that its downpours are routinely refreshed like clockwork.

I observed its UI is basic and instructive, as it incorporates the specialized subtleties of every downpour and other helpful data. For instance, it’ll show whether a show or film has been designated for honor or not, and the times it’s been downloaded (this can see you whether or not it’s a decent quality downpour). This is a gigantic improvement contrasted with a couple of years prior when the UI was slow and burdensome.


8 best torrent sites in 2022

RARBG has one of the cleanest layouts over the top 8 best torrent sites in 2020. Which makes you search for anything easily because it has been categorized makes you search anything you want in a second. Also, it is popular also because of its speed. Which uploads any movie or series quickly. So, if you wanna watch any movies you want which are released this day and you haven’t found them yet then visit them.

So, RARBG puts itself in the top 8 best torrent sites in 2024 because of its pros. So now as you know it’s pros but there IS just one con in these that it has too many pops ads. Wanna find your favorite movies, or series then check out the RARBG.

5. NYAA.si

8 best torrent sites in 2022

Now, coming to the NYAA.si site which is the most popular site among the anime. It has one of the biggest anime series or movies for you. And after the last year, it has been changed too much. Now with having the best user-friendly interface it is going to be one of the best torrents in 2024. So. if you find a good torrent site for yourself to find the best anime it is the best for you.

So, why are you waiting for it to go and your best anime out there? It is one of my best sites for finding any type of anime I want. Wanna check it and find the best series you can easily visit this site with our link for the NYAA.si

6. Torrentz2

8 best torrent sites in 2022

So, coming to the next top best 8 torrents site in 2024 is the Torrentz2. Exactly, you can’t call it a torrent site but it is a torrent search engine. If you are searching any keyword here such as the name of movies or series it shows results from many other torrent sites. For example, for The Pirate Bay or any other torrent site. So, finding anything you trying to do is hard. Then it is the best solution because of its search engine.

Searching for a torrent file is hard for then go visit one of the top best 8 torrents sites in 2024. Which can make your work much easier to find what you want. Wanna visit this site and find what you want then you can visit this from our link for Torrentz2.


8 best torrent sites in 2022

As, coming to our next top best 8 torrents site in 2024 is the EZTV, As, it names make clear for you that it is focused on the TV-Shows. There is mostly American and British tv show there but you can find varieties of international tv show there too. But it has a common con that if you don’t have the latest site of it then you need to search for this. Just because this site changes its URL often.

Wanna check this site then quickly visit it before it changes its URL again. If you were having trouble finding this site then you can contact us or put a comment for us. So, then we will try our best to respond and find the new URL for you also. Check this site from here.

8. Torrentdownloads

So, coming to the next one and most popular as the pirate bay is the torrent downloads. This site was in 2007 and is known for its best torrents. It has a user-friendly interface that makes to for their audience to use it. One, of the best advantages of this site, is that it has too many things such as software, music, movies, and tv-shows, etc. So, it is all in one package for everyone. So, wanna find something that you searching for it for a long time then you can check this site for a better and good service.

8 best torrent sites in 2022

So, why are you waiting for it go and visit this site and find what you want for yourself? For myself, I am using this site for two years and I love this site. The way it works and for their vast amount to a thing, you can find here. Wanna visit this site and check then you can find it with our link from here


So, as we have listed the top best 8 torrents site in 2024. Which are having zero popup ads and anything else such as the bitcoin irritating ads which have always malware themself. As for us, your safe browsing is our first priority that why we have listed the top best 8 torrents site in 2024.

So, don’t wait here go check them and find you the best software, movies, and tv-show that you want.

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