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How You Can Learn English With NFT


The need to study English is greater than ever. It is required everywhere. Sadly, very few people today desire to devote a lot of time to it.

That’s where the idea behind the Let Me Speak app comes in– you can learn English and be rewarded in crypto for your efforts.

To put it simply, users can mix business with pleasure, earning money and learning a foreign language simultaneously. And if you happen to have some cryptocurrency already, like for example Bitcoin Cash, you can use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Calculator.

What Exactly is Let Me Speak?

An English language learning blockchain software called Let Me Speak is available. In contrast to other apps of a similar nature, this one rewards you for completing tasks with cryptocurrencies rather than virtual points. As a result, the user gains from both income and education. Learn to Earn is a typical name for this idea.

The creators of Let Me Speak think that a lack of motivation is the main issue with online learning. To prevent students from dropping out of school, daily incentives were added to the app in the form of cryptocurrency profits.

According to self-testing, more than 60% of users of Let Me Speak were still learning English after 30 days. That number is five times more than the respondents who took the team’s last course with the same price scheme and were polled.

The student doesn’t drop out because they are actually paid to learn English. Earnings are a great way to encourage practicing more frequently. Let Me Speak, meanwhile, sees it as a chance to boost interest in their instructional offerings.

Let Me Speak was made available to the general public in early 2022. The Android version of this software will be released in July in addition to the web and iOS versions. It received more than 1 million App Store downloads in the first four months.

Learning Modes

The learning process is divided into three phases: History, Words, and Grammar.


In this mode, the virtual character is in New York City and encounters real-world challenges. For instance, you may wait in line at the airport to meet the girl. Speech recognition technology is used in this training material, which focuses on conversational practice.


You will learn new words in this area. The top 4,000 English words are divided into more than 4,000 categories. There is a translation and graphic for each new word.


This is where learners master English grammar with the help of interactive games. For example, you need to make the right sentences to deliver the pizza on time. And before you begin, you are introduced to a brief description of the rules.

 The spoken English tutor, Daniella Tuaeva, pointed out the shortcomings of the Let Me Speak app:

  • By the end of the mini-test, the application is unable to cater to certain users demands. Let’s say you are proficient at the Advanced level, but you still have to learn grammar from scratch and a mixed vocabulary with different levels of difficulty.
  • The grammar itself does not fit within the categories listed above. Grammar from the Elementary level, for instance, is found at the Intermediate level.
  • The vocabulary level does not necessarily correspond to the grammatical level either.

With Let Me Speak by itself, learning English is hardly feasible. You just get to learn and use the fundamental phrases.

People who have already studied Elementary English in school, are familiar with fundamental reading techniques, and have a solid command of elementary terminology should be able to benefit from these apps.

Let Me Speak is made to give students practice using new vocabulary while also introducing them to some fundamental grammar and assisting them in understanding new syntax without getting bogged down in linguistic nuances.

Overall, Let Me Speak has something to offer you. You shouldn’t, however, anticipate making significant language learning progress. The fact that such training is free and can possibly allow you to make money is essential.

How to Earn Money With Let Me Speak

In Let Me Speak, an NFT might take the place of a typical character. There, LSTAR tokens can be earned in instead of virtual points. These systems ought to encourage users to invest more time in their education.

In the Let Me Speak store, NFT characters can be purchased. Depending on rarity and degree, prices can range from $80 to $16,000.

Three elements determine the precise quantity of rewards for learning with LSTAR tokens.

  • The time the user devotes to learning;
  • The characteristics of an NFT character, such as rarity, level, talent, and others;
  • The number of Active NFT characters.

Let Me Speak’s developers claim that at an average LSTAR token price of $0.03, they can make anywhere between $1 and $26 every day. As the user base grows over time, the profitability will diminish.

The Let Me Speak earning mechanism is created in a way that will increase user motivation and maintain the app’s economy. The existence of mechanics like Energy, Visas, Invites, and others is due to this. Only the top three should be taken into consideration:

  • Energy. Each NFT character has 100 Energy units, which are used for learning. It totally recovers throughout the course of the following 24 hours.
  • Visa. An NFT character can learn and acquire skills for up to this many days. You will have to either purchase a new character or renew the Visa when it expires.
  • Invites. It involves taking already existing NFT characters and turning them into new ones. With the help of this feature, it is possible to combine two outdated NFTs into one new one with improved qualities.


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