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What Should You Study to Learn English

English is taught in every country and people study it as a second language and international language in order to excel in their education and communicate easily everywhere. Indeed, studying English as a second language has become compulsory for every student and it’s important for them to learn it as a second language.

Study English as a second language is a difficult task if you don’t know what should you study to learn English. Don’t worry, I am here to help you learn English as a second language.

What Should You Study to Learn English

When you study English as a second language, you have to focus on four skills or modules: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Because every language consist these four modules and we need them for complete communication. Read the tips below to improve these four skills.


Listening is the first and foremost skill for learning English as a second language because a good listener is a good speaker. In addition, learning a language starts from listening. As like a child, he listens, listens and listens until he becomes able to speak. Hence, focus on listening of students a lot. For improving this aspect you have a lot of options. You have to listen to native speakers everyday by downloading English documentaries and there some apps which can help your students, to improve their listening skills. Be sure to check them out here.


Everyone wish to speak English fluently as like native speakers, but speaking English fluently like native speakers is challenging for English learners. The best to get you speaking enhanced is living in an English speaking country and speaking with native speakers. If you are not living in an English speaking country then try to improve your speaking online like using YouTube Kids or chatting online with native speakers. Moreover, check out these 10 tips to improve your speaking in English will help you a lot.


After listening and speaking focus on reading modules. The more you read the more you realize your ignorance and improve your reading power. Indeed, reading is important to learn English quickly and it can improve your vocabulary, your grammar, and your writing skills at the same time. To improve your reading you can use these 5 Reading apps or speed up your reading power.


Finally, if you can listen, speak and read you must have a good writing power too. Because Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. Moreover, most folks communicate via email, text, or social media, and hence many millions of pieces of information are flowing between us through the written word every day. Hence if you have a good writing power you can communicate globally. Improve your writing…

Which Grammars Should You Study in English

Beside improving your four skills the other important factor in learning English is grammar. Grammar is the system of a language, if you know about them, of anything then you can use that in a proper way. In addition, studying grammar is like learning new vocabulary, if you have a good grammar power then you can read and write conveniently. 

In English there are a lot of grammar rules and structures, so I categorize the most important rules into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can check them in the given links below.

1.Basic Grammar Structures in English

2. Intermediate Grammar Structures in English

3. Advanced Grammar Structures in English

Improve Your Vocabulary Power

Learning vocabulary is a major part o learning English. For the person who is learning English as a second language, it’s important to know and have a good vocabulary power, in order to have a good mastery in four modules listening, speaking, reading and writing. Read here how to improve your vocabulary power in English.

For improving your vocabulary power I recommend these 5 Vocabulary Books. 1. 504 Absolutely Essential Words. 2. NTC Vocabulary Builders: Blue Book. 3. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced. 4. Word Power Made Easy. 5. 1100 Words You Need to Know.

Best Books for Studying English as a Second Language

There are different books in different countries for learning ESL, but the best books which we have used and are beneficial for Learn English are New American Streamline Books and Four Corners Books

Conclusion: What should you study to learn English? What do you recommend to study English as a second language? Please feel free to comment it in the comment section below.

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